Simple, Cost-Effective, and Designed for High Levels of Customer and Prospect Engagement

Has the “new normal” forced you to re-think your tradeshow strategy?

The Situation

The ag industry is continuing to adjust to the new realities of COVID-19—and because of the limitations imposed by social distancing, tradeshows in particular have been affected. Organizations are now forced to re-think their presence, product and promotion strategies, as well as their overall sales and marketing efforts in this new era of online-only tradeshow events.

To help ag organizations meet these new challenges, and to take advantage of previously untapped opportunities, Think Shift has developed a turnkey solution to boost business performance at upcoming tradeshows.

With this challenge comes the opportunity to improve on tradeshow performance in every way.

Designed for maximum user engagement, Think Shift is proud to introduce the most convenient and easily maintained virtual tradeshow booth solution in ag.

Branded Experience
An online platform that reflects your brand, with a clean and simple user experience that's designed to attract and retain visitors

Product Showcase
A visually engaging platform that allows you to highlight your latest and greatest products and services. Deliver rich media content to your visitors and enjoy seamless integration with your other online properties.

Meeting Hub
A streamlined customer and prospect meeting experience that empowers visitors to “Chat Now” or book meetings with key business contacts.

Community Interaction
Scheduled events and social feed integration create a bustling environment to engage with your audience.

Lead Capture
Marketing and sales automation integration makes sure you are capturing leads, and valuable data on the content visitors are consuming so you can follow up and nurture sales opportunities accordingly

Budget & Maintenance—friendly
A turnkey solution allows your company to update and maintain the solution on an ongoing basis with little to no additional 3rd party support

Think Shift Virtual Tradeshow Booth Solution

While other virtual tradeshow solutions are available, too many focus on novelty rather than delivering on key business metrics

To deliver maximum ROI, Think Shift's approach is to provide a solution that not only captures the traditional benefits of attending live tradeshows but also enhances the customer and prospect experience with new features that benefit the user (and ag organization) more than ever before. Our solution is designed to fulfill the following key tradeshow objectives:

Information Delivery – Tradeshows have long been a key tool in delivering product and service information in a live, person-to-person, experiential manner.

Information Capture – Arguably the most important benefit of tradeshows is that they provide the opportunity to gauge interest and purchase intent from decision-makers in attendance.

Relationship Nurturing – Building new relationships with prospects and maintaining existing ones with long time customers.

Community Building – Tradeshow audiences rarely focus on only a single company. Instead they want to connect with as many aspects of the industry as possible—professionally and personally.

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