BisTrack Enabled E-Commerce Solutions

Looking for a progressive e-commerce solution that integrates with your Epicor BisTrack ERP?

The Situation

With building material markets experiencing significant ongoing growth, and consumers and professionals continuing to shift their purchases online, the need for solid, scalable e-commerce solutions has increased exponentially amongst building centers, Pro dealers and lumber distributors alike.

Unfortunately, finding a partner who can build such solution with the knowledge and experience required to ensure proper integration with Epicor’s BisTrack API has been very difficult to find. Until now.

There's never been a better time to grow your building supply business online.

Think Shift is one of the first and only digital agencies to develop and launch high performing, BisTrack integrated e-commerce solutions for building supply businesses.

Our team of e-commerce platform development professionals have combined first-hand working experience with building supply companies and hands-on knowledge of BisTrack's API to deliver e-commerce solutions that:

Integration Icon

Integrate seamlessly with your BisTrack ERP

User Specific Pricing Icon

Allow for user-specific and tiered pricing

Track Invoices Icon

Provide users the ability to track past invoices, orders and store credit

GPS Tracking Icon

Support GPS delivery tracking

Improved User Experience Icon

Deliver an improved user experience with hi-res images and video integration

Variant Toggling Icon

Accommodate product variant toggling within a single product listing (i.e. length, colour, finish, etc.)

Mobile and Responsive Icon

Provides a truly mobile, responsive, performant and search engine optimized e-commerce solution